Ileader Project

Innovative Learning Environments for Adult Digital Education and Resources

The innovation that network technologies and social networks have brought to the media system is also having strong repercussions on education. Each connection, whether voluntary or not, corresponds to a concrete learning opportunity. Every search on Google, every visit to a Wikipedia page or a tutorial on Youtube represents an act of intentional learning, made possible by other members of the network. Traditional learning, which is the responsibility of the institutions, is also facilitated every day through Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Linkedin, Pinterest and countless other services. Smartphones and tablets are increasingly used as devices for searching for information rather than as simple communication tools. In this scenario, educational practice must take into account the opportunities offered by new technologies and the changes required by the knowledge society. The importance that the use of ICT has in learning and teaching is also underlined by what the European Commission provides in the Action Plan for Digital Learning through the support of policy initiatives to modernize the education sector for the development of new digital skills and competences. In addition, a European research on ICT in education is planned for early 2019 to measure the progress and level of digitization in schools (


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