By Carlo Caloisi – 15 Sep, 2022

Gamification is a newly introduced element in pedagogical practice and is certainly a great way to motivate students and teachers. gamification

This approach can use generic and well-known games such as Ludo, Risk or Monopoly, or more sophisticated digital tools or games, such as Escape Room, Maze Chase, as a means of learning and engaging an audience of children and adults.

It should be noted that although the terms are used as interchangeable, a fine line divides gamification from GBL (game-based learning)  .

The former, in fact, is defined as “the application of game elements and digital game design techniques to non-game problems ( e.g., business challenges in the goal of growth in education technology) and social impact.”

So these elements are normally present in a GBL activity, but the reverse is not always true.

Among the ancestral and somewhat unrefined examples, which is still in vogue, is the collection of points in supermarkets.

Nowadays it is widely used in marketing, in foreign language learning (e.g. Duolingo), in the engagement of a company’s employees’ loyalty, often through a system of rewards and recognition.

Rewards are an important component and are used as an incentive to reward achievement. Of the different types, the most popular is as follows:



Status: increases the social status of the player (e.g. blue tick of influencer);

Access: possibility of exclusive content that is otherwise inaccessible (e.g. VIP area);

Power: aspects that increase the possibility of influencing the context. (e.g. moderator in a forum);

Stuff: particular objects or services suitable to satisfy a need. (e.g. virtual coins, coupons)





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