By Carlo Caloisi – Sep 20, 2022

cybersecurity meshThe digitisation of an increasingly interconnected world of work means that a company’s collaborators and employees now often find themselves working outside the canonical company networks, increasing the risk of data theft in the event of a cyber attack.

There is therefore a need for a large-scale security protection network that takes the above into account, diversified on a large scale and also including edge computing, internet of things, cloud technologies, etc..

This is how the cybersecurity mesh or cybersecurity mesh architecture was born, which allows anyone to access any digital device wherever they are, aiming to better defend and protect a more or less extensive organisation from small and large-scale cyber risks.

Some examples of the most effective implementations that are being adopted:

– allows the devices under protection to interact, share and exploit security data collection, improving countermeasures;

– in the case of device distribution, a network of recognised identities needs to be established in order to secure the user wherever he or she connects;

– the need for access policies to be centralised and not point-based.




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