By Carlo Caloisi – Sep 26, 2022 Microservices are a type of architecture used by many companies for software development. In practice, instead of making a single application program in which all of them are contained in a kind of single body (monolithic architecture), they divide the tasks into several different software (into multiple components), […]


By Carlo Caloisi – Sep 21, 2022 A chatbot is part of the large and evolving field of artificial intelligence and is a software that simulates and processes written or spoken human conversations, allowing the user to interact, for example in a telephone conversation, as if they were interfacing with a real person. The term […]


By Carlo Caloisi – Sep 21, 2022 According to the National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST), Cloud Computing is “a set of ICT (acronym for Information and Communications Technology) services accessible on-demand and in self-service mode via Internet technologies, based on shared resources, characterized by rapid scalability and timely measurability of performance levels, so […]


By Carlo Caloisi – Sep 20, 2022 The digitisation of an increasingly interconnected world of work means that a company’s collaborators and employees now often find themselves working outside the canonical company networks, increasing the risk of data theft in the event of a cyber attack. There is therefore a need for a large-scale security protection […]


By Carlo Caloisi – Sep 20, 2022 Artificial Intelligence (AI), a field of research considered to have originated at the 1956 Darthmouth conference, studies the programming and design of systems with the aim of endowing machines with human characteristics ranging from learning to visual and/or spatio-temporal perception. The aim is to develop devices – from […]

CODING for kids

By Carlo Caloisi – Sep 19, 2022 Coding is the ‘ability to programme, to learn the writing of a computer code for the composition of a programme’. It has therefore been thought of as learning to think in this way as early as school age. On the other hand, Steve Jobs stated in an interview […]


By Carlo Caloisi – Sep 19, 2022 A hologram (a noun composed of two Greek words, ‘holos’ meaning ‘all/whole’ and ‘gramma’/’graphein’ meaning ‘writing’), invented in 1947 by Hungarian physicist Dennis Gabor, is a three-dimensional image of an object on a photographic plate obtained by the technique of holography using the interference of two beams of […]

NFT (Non Fungible Token)

By Carlo Caloisi – Sep 19, 2022 NFTs, which stands for Non-Fungible Token, are digital certificates based on Ethereum‘s blockchain technology aimed at uniquely, irreplaceably and non-replicably identifying ownership of a digital product. It is one of the applications of decentralized finance (DEFI), of which they are one of the emerging elements, which are automated […]


By Carlo Caloisi – Sep 16, 2022   The acronym IoT (Internet of Things), refers to a network of objects equipped with identification technologies linked to each other and able to communicate both with each other and with the nodal points of the system formed, but in particular capable of creating a network of things […]


By Carlo Caloisi – 15 Sep, 2022 Gamification is a newly introduced element in pedagogical practice and is certainly a great way to motivate students and teachers.  This approach can use generic and well-known games such as Ludo, Risk or Monopoly, or more sophisticated digital tools or games, such as Escape Room, Maze Chase, as […]