Training in Zaragoza, between passion and time management

I really found the July traning in Zaragoza very interesting. A particular training that was much more metaphysical than I expected. Leadership in this case is understood as mastery of ourselves and our development. There were many topics covered, from new technologies that make it easier to develop new skills than in the past, think […]

Post Zaragoza: reflections and opportunities

The training we underwent during our mobility in Zaragoza was mainly aimed at making us professionally capable and independent, building a potential ethical and functional team; this is possible by bringing us to the awareness of our talents and limitations, recognising the qualities in people and collaborating with them to pursue common goals in balance […]

A week of Design Digital Thinking in Barcelona.

The design of learning paths is a central element in the contemporary cultural scenario. Not only in the places where it takes place in a privileged way (schools, training organisations, cultural institutions), but in all the paths of knowledge acquisition. The variety of information resources available; the diversification of environments (also online) and of the […]

Adult Erasmus experiences: not only trainings

Tia Formazione and the Design Digital Thinking experience in Barcelona. The training experience carried out in Barcelona from the 20th to the 25th of March has highlighted interesting elements ranging from the training, frankly not very rewarding although structured precisely for Erasmus programmes, and the real team building experience derived from the confrontation with our […]

Every now and then it would be useful to stop and think

By Fabio Masini Every now and then it would be useful to stop and think. About who we are, what we do, why we do it in a certain way rather than another. In short, to take a break and go deeper. When you are an educator for a living, as is the case (at […]

Entering a new frontier with TIA Formazione and Erasmus

We cultivate love, so that it can give us the strength to face our battles, making us free. We are used to thinking in a two-sided way, on the one hand “what I would like to do” and on the other “what I should do”. For years, I have bounced between the two poles, thinking […]

2019-2020 – pandemia crisis and our i-leader project

Due to pandemia crisis, after the first mobility in Spain, the project has been stopped and the new mobilities planned for 2021, hoping the situation will improve. The new deadline for the closure of the project postponed in 2022. The digital topics of our training courses will remain the same as planned even if we […]


All participants to the structured course will contribute to the blog. we are now preparing ourselves to leave for SANTANDER (Permacultura Cantabria) soon online the programme #staytuned