All the activities that will be carried out within the ILEADER project will be appropriately disseminated not only through all the channels directly available to TIA Training that is: company website, Facebook page, Instagram profile and Twitter account on which TIA is already today very active and present (Facebook 2612 contacts, Twitter 854 followers, Instagram 210) opened by and ad-hoc blogs on the project that will cover all mobility and that will contain articles that the Participants will write during and after the mobility as well as details about the project.

In order to be able to provide quality information by dedicating the necessary space, TIA plans to realize:

  • presentation of the project on the company’s website within a dedicated page and regular news updates, also transmitted through the monthly newsletter of TIA;
  • at least one post/month on the Facebook update pages with respect to the project activities, mobility achieved, objectives achieved (total 20 post/project);
  • at least 2 post/week during the mobility for the presentation of the activities in progress of and presentation of the main topics addressed (tot 10 posts);
  • at least 5 posts (one for each mobility) within the EPALE platform in order to give visibility to the project and its specific activities and at the same time encourage the exchange between other Italian experts and foreigners on the issues addressed by the ILEADER project;
  • creation of a Community of Practice within EPALE (see below);
  • at least 60 tags in total from mobility participants during their stay abroad;
  • constant updating of Instagram and Twitter profiles;
  • at least 3 direct Facebook interviews with foreign trainers;
  • new blog of the project as it happens for every project of which TIA applicant.


At the end of the project (June 2021) TIA Formazione will also organize a public event in Brussels, where TIA staff and mobility participants will explain what has been done during the mobility and the results of the project. If possible, the contact persons of the host bodies involved.

The target group of the information and dissemination activities will be mainly trainers of the adult and adult education sector in search of innovative training channels and methods.

We can reach them through our European networks, of which we are partners ESREA, EAEA, MUNDO B and through the institutional channels, the schools, the regional scientific committees of which we are and the European partners we work with.